Discover a unique theory about the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens, the religion and rituals in Europe since prehistoric times.

Atala (which means « Atlantis », the white Island) is a website dedicated to articles related to prehistory, and more specifically to Marie Cachet’s unique theory about the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens hybridization. Atala also discusses the consequences related to the hybridization for the European man, and especially the unique cultural and moral heritage that still comes to us from the Neanderthal man, our true and almost only ancestor. Indeed, Neanderthal religion and philosophy (especially linked to the cult of the Bear, which, far from being a superstition is a complex and deep cult) have had a central but sometimes invisible role in all European religions and cultures.

Through my research I traveled back in time, to a kind of Golden Age and I invite you to understand with me this unique cult, which explain the well known rock carvings, all our mythology, our classical fairy tales, the Parsifal tale, the myth of Atlantis, our beloved Yule and a few rituals that still exist among us. This theory also explains the well-known Egyptian mythology and the book of the dead, the European elements of Christianity and the whole European thought. The Bear Cult is like a key.

As an introduction to this “cultural” part of the Neanderthal theory, Varg Vikernes and me created the film Forebears, which will be available on DVD in March 2013.

You are 99,7% Neanderthal



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